3 Reasons To Establish A Strong Manager-Tenant Relationship Within Commercial Properties

Posted on: 17 May 2017

Commercial property management can be very different from residential property management. Instead of dealing with individual residents, commercial property managers are dealing with business entities that occupy the commercial spaces they are tasked with monitoring.

Establishing a healthy and strong manager-tenant relationship can be challenging for commercial property managers, but these relationships are vital when it comes to successfully renting out commercial spaces. Here are three reasons why you need to focus on establishing a strong manager-tenant relationship with your commercial occupants in the future.

1. A strong manager-tenant relationship can reduce vacancies.

In order for you to generate income through commercial properties, you need to fill these properties with reliable tenants. Vacancies can be costly because empty commercial spaces not only represent lost rental income, but they can increase expenses by adding to your advertising budget.

When a tenant feels like they are a valued partner, they will be less likely to move out of your commercial space and seek other accommodations. If you want to reduce the number of vacancies you have to deal with each month, focus on building a strong manager-tenant relationship with each of your occupants.

2. A strong manager-tenant relationship improves communication.

Communication is vital when it comes to protecting your interests as a commercial property manager. When you take the time to establish a strong manager-tenant relationship with each of the occupants in your commercial spaces, these occupants feel more comfortable communicating with you about potential problems.

These problems can include limitations within the space, potential maintenance issues, and financial setbacks that may affect the tenant's ability to pay rent on time. When you have advance notice about these problems, you can address them quickly and efficiently without letting them affect your bottom line. Building a better relationship with your commercial tenants will help you communicate more efficiently.

3. A strong manager-tenant relationship ensures positive review in the marketplace.

You don't want to be saddled with a bad reputation as a commercial property manager within the marketplace, especially if you operate within a limited market where business owners communicate regularly with one another.

This bad reputation could prevent you from attracting quality tenants in the future, so taking the time to establish a strong manager-tenant relationship is essential to your future success. A strong relationship with your commercial occupants will help you garner positive reviews in the marketplace, allowing you to attract the type of tenants that will respect your commercial properties.

Once you are able to recognize the importance of establishing a strong manager-tenant relationship with your commercial occupants, you can invest the time and attention required to strengthen the bonds you have with existing tenants.

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