How A Self-Storage Unit Frees Up Space In Your Restaurant

Posted on: 19 May 2017

If you own a busy restaurant, you know how valuable the space inside your building is. You don't want rarely-used inventory taking up valuable storage space and you don't want your dining area to look too cluttered with excess chairs and furnishings. The solution is to rent a self-storage unit. This allows you to store things out of your building that you seldom use but could need at any time so your restaurant looks clean and well-organized. Here are some ways you can use a storage unit to free up space in your restaurant.

For Holding Excess Inventory

You get better deals on restaurant supplies when you buy them in bulk. However, that leaves you with the problem of where to store the items, especially if you buy for several months at a time. This is where a storage unit comes in useful. Of course, you'll need to keep ample supplies on hand in your restaurant, but it isn't necessary to store hundreds of rolls of toilet paper in your building when you can keep them in a storage unit and send someone to pick up extra supplies on a weekly basis. This allows you to get lower prices per unit that can make a big difference in your yearly operating costs.

You may also want to store tables and chairs so you'll have extra to bring out for holidays when your restaurant is very busy. Then, during slow periods, you can remove the excess furniture so it doesn't look like you have too many empty tables. If you do catering and your work volume constantly rises and falls, then a storage unit is the ideal way to store serving equipment and other supplies you need occasionally. They are handy when you need them, but out of your sight when they're not being used.

For Keeping Wine In Climate Control

If you don't have room for a wine cellar in your restaurant, you might be able to store your collection in a self-storage unit. Make sure you have the approval of the facility first. Then, choose a unit that has climate control so your wine is kept at the right temperature and humidity level. Also, if you store valuable wine, you'll want a unit that has quality security procedures in place so your collection will be safe. This allows you to hold onto a vast selection of wines so you'll be able to impress your customers and cater to wine enthusiasts.

For Storing Holiday Decorations

If you put up decorations for various holidays or change your tablecloths and curtains with the seasons, then renting a storage unit gives you the ideal place to store them. Your fine linens will be safely stored so they won't be wrinkled or ruined. You can pull them from the unit and put them to immediate use. Since you only use holiday decorations once each year, it doesn't make sense to devote valuable space in your restaurant for storing them. Keep them handy, but out of your way by boxing them up and placing them in a storage facility.

You can use the storage unit for just about anything from documents to furniture. While you might be able to store certain foods in bottles and jars, you probably won't find a storage facility that will let you store perishable or refrigerated foods. But, since all the other clutter is out of the way, you'll have more room in your restaurant to store the things you use most often and need to use quickly.