Three Job Positions For Creative Professionals In The Non-Profit Industry

Posted on: 20 May 2017

Finding a career in the nonprofit field can be an incredible way to ensure the job you have makes you feel like you are accomplishing something important every day when you head to work. Even though many potential employees often think of nonprofits as only relying on volunteers to operate, this is actually far from the truth. In fact, most places have a full staff of individuals with different skill sets to make their daily operations a possibility. Even creative professionals can find a spot in this industry, depending on what is available on nonprofit job boards like Foundation List. Take a look at some of the creative professions that could easily land you a position in a job you know is an important part of society. 


Non-profit agencies and facilities often rely on the media to spread the word about their cause. This means that new commercials, video ads, and other filmed media are a consistent part of the marketing efforts of these places. If you have a history in video production, cinematics, or videography, you could possibly find a position with a non-profit agency for the long term. Even though many non-profit organizations hire people to produce videos on a case-by-case, contractor basis, some of the more well-known organizations actually hire videographers on as a full-time member of their staff. This person becomes responsible for video marketing, editing, and other video-related tasks. 


As a writer, you hold the skills to create prose that could be extremely useful for non-profit agencies. When you consider the effort that goes into building the reputation and awareness of these types of organizations, you can see why a writer would be a useful person to have on staff. Writers are consistently hired by non-profits for tasks like:

  • creating video scripts for marketing ads and commercials
  • developing brochure and flyer content for the organization
  • drawing up requests for donations in written form 
  • writing up donation agreements 


Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, and for a non-profit organization, this can definitely be true. Photographers are often needed for things like capturing imagery of charity events, taking professional photos of the staff and building, and even help with creating photographic posts for social media ads. If you have the skills and training in photography that are necessary to take quality pictures, there is a possibility you could land a permanent position with a not-for-profit place and create a rewarding career for yourself.