How You Can Stay Accident Free This Summer

Posted on: 5 June 2017

Being involved in an accident is the last scenario a vehicle owner wants to find themselves in. Some accidents are unavoidable, but there are times when a little diligence on your part goes a long way. In addition to keeping you safe and protecting your vehicle, avoiding an accident can save as much as 41 percent on your insurance premiums. Ensure you know what to do to avoid an accident this summer.

Have A Vehicle Inspection

Make it a point to inspect your vehicle before heading out on the road this summer. Car troubles like worn tires, failing breaks or engine failure aren't just inconvenient, they could leave you stranded or stalled on the road. If any of these issues were to happen during a high traffic period, the vehicles around you might not have ample time to stop, causing a major accident.

Keep in mind that even if the other vehicle hits you, in this instance you would still likely be considered the at fault party. Simply inspecting your vehicle beforehand can help you avoid this type of catastrophe.

Plan Your Trips Wisely

If you're planning a family road trip this summer, how you plan your trip will have a lot to do with your accident risk. First, ensure you are planning for ample driving time so that you won't have to be in a rush. When you're in a rush, you are far more likely to speed, which only increases your accident risk.

Second, pick the times of the day you will travel wisely. For instance, if you can avoid it, try to stay off the road during morning and evening rush hours. Not only will this keep your stress level down, but it can keep you out of the stop and go traffic which is also a leading reason for traffic accidents.

Pass The Keys

There is something about the warmth of summer that makes backyard barbeques and get-togethers a great idea. If you know you're going to head out to one of these events and indulge, make sure you are passing the keys and making arrangements ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol, putting your safety and the safety of other motorists at risk.

Keep in mind that even if you are under the alcohol limit in your state, your driving abilities can still be impaired. Play it safe and simply get a ride to be extra cautious.

Your efforts to remain cautious on the road this summer can keep you accident free, keep your insurance costs lower and most importantly, keep you safe. Click here to find more information.