Four Creative Ways To Reuse Standard Shipping Tubes

Posted on: 8 June 2017

Standard white shipping tubes are great for storing paperwork or shipping items, but they can also be reused for a variety of purposes. Finding ways to reuse your shipping tubes can help to reduce your impact on the environment while giving you some fun DIY projects to do in your spare time. If your business uses white shipping tubes, here are some of the many ways you can reuse them around your home or in your office.

Gift Wrap Protectors

Long mailing tubes can be used to protect gift wrap, mailing paper, or butcher paper stored in your closets. If you offer gift wrapping as part of your product shipping services, keep a few spare mailing tubs on hand to slip over the gift wrap rolls. This protects the paper from becoming wrinkled or torn. You can also use this idea at home to protect and organize your holiday gift wrap. Use a marker to label each tube so you can quickly find the paper you need for all of your wrapping projects.

Plastic Bag Storage

Whether you keep spare plastic shopping bags in your break room for employees to carry home leftovers or you keep a stash in your personal kitchen for reuse, mailing paper tubes provide a great way to keep the bags neatly stored away. Simply load the bags into the top of an old mailing tube, and remove them from the bottom as they are needed. You can also use this idea to store plastic sandwich bags or even old cleaning cloths for easy access.

Piggy Banks

To turn your old shipping tubes into piggy banks, cut them in half and use the plastic end caps to close off both ends. Use glue to seal one end closed, and cut a small rectangular opening in the second end cap. This will be used to drop change into the piggy bank. Do not glue this end to the bank, as you'll want to be able to remove change as needed. Consider placing one next to the vending machine in your break room, so people can get a spare coin as needed, and encourage your staff to put spare change in the bank when they come back from lunch breaks. At the end of each month, you can use the money inside for a small office luncheon or snack.

Office Supply Organizers

You can use white mailing tubs to organize office supplies in a number of ways. Cut tubes in half and place an end cap on the bottom of each tube to create pencil holders for your employees' desks. For drawer organization, cut the tubes down to fit the depth of your desk drawer, and arrange all of the pieces in one compartment of the drawer. You can use each tube section to organize paper clips, erasers, staples, and other office essentials.

Each of these ideas can be put to use in your home or office, so bring some mailing tubes home to get more use out of your mailing tubes. Show your employees each idea so they can create their own fun DIY projects as well. For more information, contact local professionals like Chicago Mailing Tube Co.