How To Bring Better Intimacy To Your Marriage

Posted on: 15 June 2017

Are you newlyweds? If so, congratulations! Are you in the middle years of your married life? Then you've made it half way toward your old age together. Perhaps you've even celebrated your fiftieth anniversary already. Hats off to both of you on this great accomplishment. No matter the stage of your married life, sexual intimacy is certainly one of the perks of being married. Here are some ideas on how to bring even better intimacy to your marriage than you may already have.

Have Great Communication - Have you ever heard that one of the misconceptions of communicating is that you think you've done that, when you really haven't? The spoken words you exchange and your body language both give important messages.

  • If you grew up with a family that didn't express emotions, try hard to develop that skill. The best sex usually happens when people feel loved and appreciated. Use words that convey those feelings. 
  • Communicate ahead of time when you would like to have intimacy with your spouse. In the busy world you live in, you may literally have to schedule that special time together. Whether you lock your bedroom door and put up a Do Not Disturb sign or whether you go to a hotel, plan ahead.
  • Oh the other hand, try to be spontaneous. If you see a special glint in your spouse's eye or if you are having those feelings yourself, remember that mowing the lawn or doing the dishes can wait.

Help Good Intimacy To Happen - Remember, practice makes perfect!

  • Set the stage. Though it may seem obvious, remember that it might help to create a mood. Light candles in your bedroom, spritz pretty perfume in the air, have love songs playing in the background. Turn off the TV!
  • If you're the wife, put on a seductive nighty. If you're the husband, buy your wife something sexy and pretty. Or, have some fun with this. The wife gets the pajamas tops and the husband gets the pajama bottoms.
  • Have a basket by the bed. Include some decadent chocolates, a bottle of your favorite beverage and wine glasses, and personal enhancing lubricants for both of you. Think of buying adult sex toys, from a store like Adore Me More, to put in the basket. Just seeing them will probably stimulate you, and getting to use them will add a new sensation to your love making. 

Remember to trust each other. You wouldn't have gotten married if trust wasn't there to begin with. Guide each other along on intimate adventures together.