Vetting Your Employees: Three Reasons Why You Should

Posted on: 9 July 2017

Vetting is the act of checking every last credential and source of information on a person you can find. It used to be that you could hire someone on a reference or two and an application. Now you have to jump through hoops to fill a single position in your business. Employee validation is even more important in this high-tech day and age than it was in the low-tech days of decades ago. Here are some reasons why you should vet and validate every employee you hire.

Stolen Identities

When you vet someone, you are checking to make sure they are who they say they are. No one would have blinked twice forty years ago if a potential employee claimed to be who they said they were. Yet, nowadays, with so much information available on social media and the internet, not to mention credit, banking, and debit cards, someone could steal an identity (or enough information) to fake being someone he/she is not. Validate, vet, and verify.

Criminal Records

You would be surprised how many employers do not check criminal records and then find their tills or safes empty. By all means, you should be checking criminal records and asking about a criminal history. You may not get an honest response from the candidate (because who wants to say that they were arrested and spent time in jail?), but criminal records do not lie. Protect your business and check the records.

Falsified Resumes

Who has not tried to "doctor up" their resumes just a bit? However, some people will outright lie about previous employers, education, and job experience just to get the job for which you are hiring. If someone says they have a Ph.D. or Master's, you better call the college where the degree was supposedly earned and ask for an official transcript, or at least verification that this candidate graduated from there.

Additionally, if they say that they worked at a specific high-profile company, check it. Ask for employee records. Human Resources managers cannot tell you everything, but they can tell you if a candidate worked for them, how long, and whether or not they left or were fired. It is a lot to check, but it is better to know who you are interviewing for our business than hire blindly and be blindsided. If you do not have the time to do all of the validation and vetting yourself, hire an employee credential check company to do it for you.