How To Ship Oddly-Shaped Products

Posted on: 28 July 2017

It is amazing what can be shipped to someone's front door. Products that do not seem like they would ever fit due to an irregular size can be shipped with the right ingenuity and the right supplies. There are also ways that you can create your own packaging yourself in order to ship anything.

It May Not Need Packaging

First, consider how durable the product is. For instance, when shipping a tire, you may only need to attach cardboard with a label to the tire while allowing the tire to simply be shipped as is. If you are unsure of whether you can ship it without packaging, contact your shipping company for details.

If you are shipping a metal product, you must make sure that it does not have any protruding edges in order to avoid snagging something or causing injury to the individual delivering the package. You may be able to simply apply tape to the flattest surface including the shipping information and ship the metal product as is. 

Use Crossed Bands

If you are concerned about the product coming apart, it is recommended that you use four crossed bands. With a strapped bundle, make sure that each box is strong enough to hold the weight of the bundle.

Protect The Product

There are certain modifications you may need to make to the product in order to protect it. For instance, if you will be sending a stringed instrument, it is recommended that you loosen the strings before sending the instrument. If you are shipping a mirror, masking tape needs to be applied in a grid pattern across the mirror to protect it from damage.

Create A Custom Box

The great thing about many shipping companies is that they have an "if it fits, it ships" policy. This allows you to avoid the hassle of figuring out how you will ship a product. However, if you have an object that has an unusual shape, there might not be a box that can fit it. Instead, you should consider creating your own custom box. This can be done by deconstructing a cardboard box. Think about where you would be folding wrapping paper if you were wrapping a gift. But instead, you will be wrapping the product. Then, you can attach more pieces of cardboard as needed and fold it together before taping it together, which will then create a box inside which the product will fit.

Contact a custom shipping company for more information and assistance.