How To Keep Your House Insulated With A Spray Foam System

Posted on: 24 October 2017

Insulation helps your house to maintain your desired temperature all year long. It protects against cool air in the summer and excessive heat during the warm months, and is also energy efficient.

If your home is not insulated, then you are going to have a hard time being comfortable. Read on to find out how to keep your house insulated with a spray foam system.

How Do Houses Lose Energy?

Air can come move in and out your home when you have openings. These openings include crevices, cracks and holes. They allow for the air to seep in through the walls, floors and ceilings. This results in higher energy bills.

What Is Spray Foam?

Spray foam is an insulation system that prevents air from escaping out and unconditioned air from coming in your home. It works by sealing the building using foam to keep air from escaping. Spray foam trailers help with carrying out this system. This vehicle can winterize your home, weatherproof it, provide roofing and insulate it. If you want to start an insulation business, then you will need a trailer to fulfill customers' orders.

How Does This System Helps?

The spray foam system helps seal off any hidden leaks in your home. These openings also allows in moisture. Moisture affects the integrity of your building structure and can cause mold growth. Mold can affect your health as well

Insulation acts as a barrier for heat loss and gain. For optimal efficiency, you need to insulate from your roof down to the foundation. You should start by checking for openings in your home. After finding the openings, you should seal them off. At this point, you can start insulating your home. If you missed any openings, then the insulation will seal off any hidden openings. 

Sealing openings increase the comfort of your home. It allows you to control the humidity and keep out critters. It also reduce the noise from outside. Openings can allow the outside noise to seep into your home. This can be uncomfortable when trying to sleep or get work done.

It helps to prepare for the cold months in advance. Preparation prevents expensive repairs and protects against harsh weather. If you are not familiar with the insulation process, then you need to call in an insulation professional familiar with spray foam trailers. You want make sure your family is comfortable regardless of the season.