3 Reasons You Do Need A Water Softener For Your Hotel

Posted on: 30 October 2017

As the owner of a hotel, you are in the business of keeping guests comfortable in an environment that feels like home. Because of this, you will spend a lot of money on things like nice linens, furniture, and even fixtures and appliances. However, there is one investment you may never consider making: a water softening system. Hard water is a big problem for residential homeowners, but it is also an issue in the hospitality industry. Those common household concerns about hard water are amplified in a business where you essentially have the need to create a home setting for many people. Here is a look at three reasons to install a water softening system from a company like American Water Treatment in your hotel. 

Give guests the quality, comfortable bedding they want. 

Did you know that materials washed in hard water often develop a telltale roughness because of the excess minerals in the water? You can spend a lot of money investing in high-thread-count sheets and cushy quilts and comforters, but if the bedding is laundered in hard water, it may not feel quite as soft or as clean as it should to please your guests. 

Protect the life of fixtures and appliances in your hotel. 

Those appliances that you have in your hotel make it possible to give guests the creature comforts of home. Whether it is the laundry equipment your staff uses to launder clothing and bedding or the coffee makers in each of the rooms, all of these items can have a shortened lifespan when they are used with hard water. Hard water contains mineral deposits that can accumulate with time, which can build up inside of a coffee maker, washing machine, and even shower heads and pipe lines. Therefore, a water softening system is actually a good investment to protect the life of your appliances. 

Ensure cleanliness of the room and furnishings in your hotel. 

Hard water from the shower will leave unsightly spots on glass shower enclosures. Hard water used in cleaning will leave streaks and grime on room surfaces. Even glassware cleaned in your kitchen area and delivered to the rooms can have ugly spots if washed in hard water. Guests want to see a completely clean space when they come for a stay, so every single spot of residue left behind by hard water can lead to a bad reputation among the guests that come to your hotel for the night.