3 Great Reasons To Utilize Phased Array Ultrasonic Systems For Thickness Profiling In The Industrial Sector

Posted on: 15 May 2019

If a lot of your operations revolve around thickness profiling in the industrial sector, then you'll want to take advantage of phased array ultrasonic systems. They can lead to the following benefits for your testing operations. 

Easy Setup 

When testing the thickness profile of different materials, you probably want to start your analysis right away. After all, time equates to money for a lot of these industrial testing projects. Well, you can start analyzing the thicknesses of various materials quickly when you rely on phased array ultrasonic systems.

The components these systems involve aren't that bulky and often have a mobile design. The setup time is thus much quicker than if you used other ultrasonic testing equipment. The probe assembly is pretty small and features a simple design. It thus won't be complicated to get situated for an accurate and safe examination.

Fast Inspections 

Just as important as a fast setup time is a fast inspection process when it comes to thickness profiling. You want to get in and out so that you can move on to other aspects of the project you're working on. With phased array ultrasonic systems, you can take advantage of fast inspections fortunately.

The reason for this is because these ultrasonic systems can perform electronic scanning without the probe needing to be moved. If the probe does require movement, the adjustment will be minor. Having the probe in a fixed position saves you from having to make manual adjustments. 

Accurate Measurements 

For your thickness profiling tests to be of any value, they need to be highly accurate. Otherwise, you can't make effective conclusions with the materials you're testing in a project. Well, you don't have to worry about inaccuracy when you work with a phased array ultrasonic device.

As mentioned early, the probe that these systems have remains in a fixed position usually. This, in turn, creates uniform testing conditions that you can rest assured will be free of irregularities. Conversely, if the probe didn't have a fixed position, you risk different conditions for the same measurement. Then, you couldn't make any assumptions or conclusions.

Thickness profiling is a valuable service used in many industrial sectors. If you're involved in these operations and want to elevate your testing practices like never before, consider using phased array ultrasonic examination equipment. Even if you're not familiar with this technology, it can benefit your industrial operations in so many impactful ways.