Charter Flights May Be Key to Reopening the Economy

Posted on: 23 April 2020

As the country slowly but surely starts to allow more services and more companies to open back up, travel is going to become an issue. Local travel is easily taken care of with cars and public transportation, of course, but travel over longer distances, when you don't want to drive, brings up a problem. Even as more people go out, you'll still want to maintain some sort of distance until a vaccine for COVID-19 is ready. A charter jet allows you to maintain that distance to an extent while still being able to travel longer distances, and that combination is key to successfully reopening the economy.

Smaller Groups of People

A chartered jet is usually smaller than what you'd be in for a commercial flight, and the point of a charter is to have a plane for your own group, rather than be in a cabin filled with tens or hundreds of people. If you're wary of large groups of unknown people, a charter jet is a perfect solution. It's just you, your group, and the crew, so you reduce your exposure to other people who may be carrying the novel coronavirus but not showing symptoms.

Direct Flights or Minimal Stops

When restrictions are eased and you can go to more places, you're going to want to travel. But caution also dictates that you reduce the number of places you go for a while simply to help reduce your chances of being exposed to the virus in case a second wave of infections starts up. If you take a commercial flight, you may end up having to switch planes once or twice to get to your destination. That means walking through airports, possibly more baggage claim areas, and almost certainly another security checkpoint. With a charter flight, you can avoid switching planes. You may still have to stop for fuel, but you wouldn't have to change your own physical location to another plane.

Easier Cleaning

You can bet that any relaxing of shelter-in-place rules will involve a lot of cleaning, which means that smaller spaces will be easier to use as they'll be easier for staff to disinfect. While you should still maintain good hygiene — don't touch your face, keep washing your hands, and so on — even long after COVID-19 is no longer an issue, the idea of a space that's easy to clean brings peace of mind, especially if you or someone in your party is in a high-risk group.

Eventually, distancing will no longer be a condition of going out. Until then, look into private jet charter options for those trips you want to take that are too long to drive comfortably.