Tips For Prepping Major Appliances For Moving Day

Posted on: 4 November 2020

If you're planning to take your major appliances with you when you move, then you'll want to discuss the process with your moving company. If your company is packing your things for you, they may wrap your appliances, but you'll still need to empty, clean, and dry them yourself. Here are some tips for moving major appliances.

Air Out And Wrap The Refrigerator

Prepping your refrigerator is important, or else it may smell or have mildew growing by the time you open it in your new home. Start prepping for your move a few days ahead of time and call a plumber or electrician if you need help disconnecting electrical hookups, gas lines, or water lines from any of your appliances.

Empty your refrigerator and clean and dry it thoroughly. Leave the door open for a day or longer so the refrigerator can dry out and air out to reduce the risk of odors. Tape the plug to the back of the refrigerator, wrap the shelves in bubble wrap and pack them in a box, and wrap bubble wrap around any fragile parts on the outside of the refrigerator.

The evening before moving day, wrap the refrigerator in a pad or blanket and hold the blanket in place by wrapping it and the refrigerator with plastic wrap. This protects your appliance from dents and scratches during the move.

Clean The Stove

It's good to clean your stove before you move so it arrives without odors, and you have a clean stove for your new home. Just make sure the stove is dry before you wrap it. Remove the racks and pack them in a separate box, tape the plug to the back of the stove, and wrap the stove in bubble wrap where needed. Then wrap with a blanket and plastic wrap the day before your move.

Prepare Your Washing Machine

If you don't have the moving kit that probably came with your washer when it was delivered new, then you may need to order one. Do this far enough in advance so you have the kit before moving day. The kit has pieces that hold the drum in place so the washer's suspension isn't damaged during the move.

You may also need to put foam or cardboard around the drum to prevent vibrations. Consult your owner's manual for moving instructions for your washer and all your other appliances. Also, be sure the washer is dry before you wrap it in a blanket.

Drain And Dry The Dishwasher

Disconnect and drain the dishwasher and allow it time to dry before getting it ready to move. Dishwashers can be difficult to balance once they are away from the wall. You may need help from your movers getting it wrapped. Talk to the moving company when they visit your home to provide an estimate about how you should prep your appliances and what things the company can help with so you aren't stuck wondering what to do with your appliances on moving day.